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DC Ranch Animal Hospital

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy uses the power of magnetic fields in order to treat your pet’s pain related to a number of conditions and organ disorders.



This treatment focuses on using magnetic fields created by both permanent magnets as well as pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), in order to reduce pain and speed up the recovery process for your pet. Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive form of treatment; therefore, it is free of side effects.

Why would my pet need magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is most commonly used to treat pets recovering from injury, and improve chronic conditions related to:


-Hip dysplasia

-Degenerative joint disease

-Vertebral disease

-Musculoskeletal conditions

-Neurological conditions

Magnets have been used in both human and animal medicine to improve circulation and jump start the body’s healing process. If your pet is suffering from any of the above conditions, magnetic therapy may be useful in helping your pet on the road to recovery.

When should I consider magnetic therapy for my pet?

If your pet is recovering from injury or dealing with issues related to chronic conditions, magnetic therapy may be beneficial to your pet’s recovery process. Permanent magnets are generally an inexpensive form of treatment, thus making them a more economical choice for pet owners. Be sure to reach out to our veterinarians to discuss pricing options on magnetic therapy.

How does veterinary magnetic therapy work?

The primary property of magnetic fields is the use of magnetic energy to align molecules. Considering the fact that our bodies are made of billions of molecules, magnets used on injured parts of the body help align those displaced molecules, boosting circulation and jump starting the healing process. These treatments are generally spaced out over a series of visits. For more information be sure to contact your local veterinarian to discuss if magnetic therapy is a quality option for your pet’s recovery.