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State of the Art Diagnostics When Your Pet Needs It Most

As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited veterinary facility, DC Ranch Animal Hospital is pleased to be able to offer the latest diagnostic technologies in house when your pet needs it most. When they aren’t feeling their best, you can trust our Scottsdale veterinarian to quickly get to the bottom of your pet’s condition.

In addition to using our diagnostic capabilities for your pet when they’re feeling under the weather, we use our diagnostic technology as part of your pet’s regular wellness and preventative care. Diagnostic testing helps us establish a solid medical history for your pet that we can refer to when they’re not feeling their best. A clear, well-documented medical history is an essential tool to making sure they get the treatment they need fast.

If your pet is feeling under the weather, don’t hesitate! Book an appointment with our Scottsdale veterinarian by calling (480) 351-6267 or by contacting us online.

Diagnostics at DC Ranch Animal Hospital

We have all of the equipment we need to diagnose your pet in good times and bad. We use the latest diagnostic technologies available, including:

  • Laboratory testing
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasound

The above diagnostic services help us get a closer look at your pet’s health, both when they are feeling under the weather and when they come in for their routine wellness care. These services come in handy when a physical exam isn’t enough.

Laboratory Testing Services

At DC Ranch Animal Hospital, we are able to perform blood tests in-house to reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for your pet’s lab results. This can be very useful when they are experiencing an urgent health condition, since time is often of the essence in these situations. We also use our in-house laboratory as a part of our regular wellness and preventative care program. Regular laboratory tests help us keep an eye on your pet’s health and spot changes before they develop into a more serious health problem.

Radiological Imaging & Ultrasounds

Sometimes a physical exam isn’t enough when we’re trying to diagnose an internal problem. Radiology and ultrasound imaging helps us see beyond your pet’s fur at their internal systems, such as bones, muscles, and organs. Both radiology and ultrasound technology are non-invasive and pain-free, which means they are great tools in our arsenal when we’re looking to diagnose your pet’s condition.

Do you have questions about diagnostic testing at DC Ranch Animal Hospital? Give us a call at (480) 351-6267 or contact us online so that we can help!

Pawsatively Raving Reviews

  • “Dr. Lopez's compassion is insurmountable. I was skeptical of acupuncture... With this treatment, we extended her life by at least 8 months - not to mention the quality. Just remarkable... Can't recommend a better vet.”

    - Heidi Hopfenspirger
  • “Dr. Lopez is a very compassionate, intelligent, professional veterinarian. She has cared for my pets for years and taken care of my pack from kitten hood to end of life.”

    - Debra Hainline
  • “Dr. Lopez is a wonderful doctor - she has been taking care of our family pets for over 10 years. She is intelligent, professional, intuitive and so compassionate. I’m sure that there are many wonderful veterinarians but Dr. Lopez is exceptional.”

    - Debra Hainline
  • “Dr. Lopez is amazing. I've been taking my dogs to see her over the past 13 years.”

    - Jennie Gamlen
  • “Dr. Lopez is very knowledgeable and professional and has saved my dog’s life twice now... She explains options and the reasons for running tests (never overprescribes) and helps you make the best choice for your pet.”

    - J Simm

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