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About DC Ranch Animal Hospital

Personalized Care for Your Cat or Dog

DC Ranch Animal Hospital in North Scottsdale, Arizona, is a full service, small animal hospital located in the DC Ranch Market Street shopping center. We offer state of the art medical, surgical, dental care, and more for dogs and cats, personalized to their individual needs.

Please give us a call at (480) 351-6267 or stop by, as we would love the opportunity to attend to your furry family member’s needs.

Our Mission

Our mission at DC Ranch Animal Hospital is to provide excellent medical care with love and compassion.

Our health care team is dedicated to providing your pet the best veterinary health care available. We do not see large numbers of patients each day, rather we emphasize high quality care and client communication.

Hospital Tour

We pride ourselves on being a small hospital with a family-feel. This not only ensures that every client and their pet feels safe and comfortable while in our care, but allows our team to provide the personalized services every pet needs and deserves. We get to know your pet, treating them throughout their lifespan. You’ll never have to worry about meeting a new doctor or explaining a pre-existing condition as all our veterinary services are tailored to their exact needs.

Take a look around DC Ranch Animal Hospital in our photo tour of our facilities. We’d also love to show you the real thing! Contact us today to schedule a time you can visit our hospital.

Pawsatively Raving Reviews

  • “Dr. Lopez's compassion is insurmountable. I was skeptical of acupuncture... With this treatment, we extended her life by at least 8 months - not to mention the quality. Just remarkable... Can't recommend a better vet.”

    - Heidi Hopfenspirger
  • “Dr. Lopez is a very compassionate, intelligent, professional veterinarian. She has cared for my pets for years and taken care of my pack from kitten hood to end of life.”

    - Debra Hainline
  • “Dr. Lopez is a wonderful doctor - she has been taking care of our family pets for over 10 years. She is intelligent, professional, intuitive and so compassionate. I’m sure that there are many wonderful veterinarians but Dr. Lopez is exceptional.”

    - Debra Hainline

Why Choose Us?

  • Serving the Scottsdale Community Since 2002
  • We Offer Pain Management to Keep Your Pets Happy & Comfortable
  • We Treat Our Clients & Their Pets Like Family
  • Compassionate and Comprehensive Care for Your Furry Family Members
Your Paws Are Safe in Our Hands

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